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Skinny Atlas Music is Royalty Free. Stock Music. Video Production.

Skinny Atlas Music composes royalty free stock audio that can be licensed through for use in YouTube Videos, commercials, TV, film, video games, photo slideshows, business presentations and more. In his portfolio you will have access to a wide variety of inspirational music ranging from corporate, garage rock, metal, pop and cinematic tracks that can be customized to fit your video project specific needs.

Why Stock Music

Affordable, High Quality, and Easy to Edit

A stock music track is affordable yet retains the quality of any track on the market today. There is no need for paying high royalty rates, especially if you need a track for a small project. The perk is that you can afford a high quality track with the sound of todays market to enhance your own project!

How to Purchase?

STEP #1: Select a track in the portfolio

STEP #2: Click the "BUY" button on right of track name

STEP #3: You will be directed to

STEP #4: Click "PURCHASE" on AudioJungle page

Get in Touch With Me

Contact Us

Get in touch

I am available to mix, master and edit previously recorded projects, or I will create tracks individually deisgned to fit your project. Please contact me if you have any questons!

The Studio

  • Address: Skaneateles NY, UNITED STATES
  • Phone: (315) 263-5616
  • Email:
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